WordPress support is available, in Australia. Get a rapid response and fast help with any WordPress problem. We fix online shops, Woocommerce stores, booking systems and licenced (as well as free) plugins. Additionally, we repair and upgrade broken themes, get access to lockouts, hacked sites and more. Further, we harden security, fix javascript issues and html problems. Also we do advanced PHP programming for websites, develop CSS and media queries so that your website will work seamlessly across all devices. In conclusion, we work with MySQL databases, servers, WordPress multi-site setups and more.

Website Maintenance with On-Call WordPress Support

Regular website maintenance is the one single thing that prevents problems.
WordPress is PHP based, and an open source platform. Therefore, the code for WordPress, plugins and themes is under constant review. Accordingly- managing updates goes a long way in keeping a website secure.
Our WordPress support service helps you get the job done. Think of it as having an expert watch over your shoulder to catch errors before they happen.

How Often Should You Perform WordPress Maintenance?

We recommend monthly maintenance of websites running WordPress. If your theme is custom coded then login and check for updates every two weeks. Do them as needed. However, if your website runs an online shop using WooCommerce or Ecwid, weekly maintenance is in order.

  • malware removal and reversal of “this site may harm your computer” message in Google
  • website has suddenly gone offline
  • images, video or text not displaying correctly
  • website not displaying correctly on mobile phones
  • permissions errors, where some elements won’t display
  • Garbled code appears on the front end of the site
  • Lots of “404 Page Not Found” errors appear
  • Images go missing or display funny little icons
  • We fix hacked websites and secure them properly
  • Your website traffic from Google goes somewhere else, not to you- this happens when someone clicks on your website listed in Google, not after typing in your web address manually

Any of these errors listed here, should be addressed urgently. There is a great risk, with malware, that your visitor traffic will fall off completely, and your Google rank will suffer.
In many instances, you won’t know your website has got Malware unless you click through your website via organic search. Simply typing your web address into a browser, will usually bring your website up “as normal”. If your website is a vital tool in attracting new clients, selling products, or taking bookings for the service you offer, then any problems should be fixed as quickly as possible.
If you’re able to provide us with an outline of when and how the problem happened, as well as your web hosting log-ins, we can fix anything for you.

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