Advanced WordPress developers offer website services for businesses, ecommerce and static blogs. Hire Australian WordPress experts to get your site running smoothly. As advanced developers who work with WordPress, we work with many technologies. These include:

  1. PHP- the programming language WordPress uses to simply ‘work’
  2. Javascript- think of this as the “bling” that makes things bounce around. For example menu drop downs, tabs and slideshows, on the page
  3. CSS- cascading style sheets- contain the rules for how it all looks. In the same way that decor sets the style and tone for a room, CSS has declarations. Specifically, these say how headings, spacing, borders- and lots more- will look on a web page.

From Major Updates to Maintenance, WordPress Developers Can Help

Of course there’s more to it. As such, WordPress developers get called upon for a range of maintenance and repair tasks. Some of these include:

  1. Recovery of damaged websites when you’ve updated and lost previous changes;
  2. Layout and content presentation issues fixed right, first time;
  3. Plugin optimising for maximum performance;
  4. Design changes to avoid a total rebuild as your site grows;
  5. Custom theme development from your PSD design;
  6. Performance optimising for Google’s Core Web Vitals
  7. Speed enhancements
  8. eCommerce, shopping carts, payment gateways, online stores repaired and debugged;
  9. Integration of CRM systems like MailChimp
  10. Membership systems and recurring payment systems installed, configured and optimised;
  11. SEO Services, or Search engine optimisation that gets results- with a track record to prove it;
  12. WordPress Training for all levels, including custom tutorials, specific to your website;

WordPress developers have an extensive skillset. Websites are complex things. For example, there is the core WordPress file set itself. Next, plugins deliver functionality beyond simple pages, and images.  Also, WordPress Plugins come from different authors. Therefore some compatibility issues should be expected from time to time. The different update frequencies would be a contributing factor.

Whether it’s a simple repair or a complex build we can get you online quickly. Our professional WordPress developers are available by the hour, day or project.

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